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One Size Does NOT Fit All

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Los Angeles is a melting pot of ethnicities and the demand for experts in melanin-rich skin is on the rise! Dr. Christie is of mixed ethnicity and has dedicated significant time to educating herself on the differences in ethnic skin throughout the aging process. Disorders of pigmentation continue to be one of the most common presenting concerns in this patient population. Dr. Christie’s knowledge of the complexity of diagnosis, cutting-edge treatment modalities, and special attention to the psychosocial issues of mixed-race skin types has made her a specialist in treatments for ethnic skin.

A Curated Treatment Protocol

How to Manage Skin Pigmentation?

Pigmentation issues are more prominent in melanin-rich skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types IV–VI) however, pigment concerns present in all skin types. For pigment concerns, treatment recommendations are based on skin type. Our approach to skin of color requires knowledge of the delicate balance between skin lightening and maintenance of skin integrity. Recommendations for a curated treatment protocol start with understanding the cause of hyperpigmentation, lifestyle, onset, and duration. In general, it is important to understand that single therapy in the treatment of hyperpigmentation does not exist, and protocols require a multi-therapy approach.

Gateway to Beautiful Skin

What are the benefits of Skin Pigmentation Treatment?

Even skin tone is one of the metrics of skin health. Studies show that evenness in skin tone is defined as uniformity in skin pigmentation and even distribution of pigments and is generally associated with a youthful appearance.

What are some of the treatments for Skin Pigmentation?

At Curated Beauty, we do not take a one size fits all approach. First-line therapies include the management of daily medical-grade skincare routines to support any treatments performed in the clinic. Second-line therapies include chemical peels, PicoSure (laser therapy), and compounded medications. Dr. Christie is particularly interested in building skin resilience against oxidative stress, an underlying cause of pigmentation issues, before placing patients on medications.

Treatments for Skin Pigment during pregnancy

Hyperpigmentation or melasma can be common in women during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to hormonal changes. While we are restricted to many therapeutic options during this time period, there are a number of natural skin pigmentation treatment options that can be utilized to manage pigment. However, it is best to avoid aggressive treatments for pigmentation during this time as most pigment is refractory to interventions.

Getting to the Core Problem

Treatment Protocols

An important concept in the treatment of pigmentation is an understanding of the root cause. There are a number of pathologies that underlie pigmentation ranging from excess UV exposure, hormonal triggers, inflammatory triggers, underlying disease states, medications, or infections that often require further investigation before treatment of pigmentation can begin. At Curated Beauty, we take a comprehensive approach to all our treatment protocols and spend additional time to understand the pathology underlying pigmentation.

What is PicoSure?

PicoSure is a laser technology FDA-approved for the treatment of melasma and hyperpigmentation. This technology is an excellent second-line therapy for the treatment of pigment but also for improving skin quality metrics such as texture and fine lines. Hyperpigmentation can also be common in the scarring process of patients of color. PicoSure is an excellent technological approach to skin pigmentation treatment that also addresses pigment concerns as it relates to scars.

Gold Standard

Your Skin Pigmentation Treatment Procedure

The PicoSure laser is the gold standard of picosecond lasers to treat discoloration of the skin. A picosecond laser emits light at the fastest rate possible, faster than the previous nanosecond lasers, making the delivery of energy more precise, which means less pain, and increase efficiency than previous technologies.

Speedy Recovery Time

Skin Pigmentation Treatment Recovery

There is very little downtime to no downtime with the PicoSure treatment. Treatments must be performed in series. Treatment intervals vary but are typically performed in series every two to four weeks. Chemical peel downtime can range based on the peels utilized and are customized to fit your lifestyle and treatment goals.

Diligence and Patience

Skin Pigmentation Treatment Results

It is important to understand that when it comes to skin pigmentation treatment Los Angeles patients may require a multi-therapy approach that includes lifestyle changes to prevent repigmentation and is a life-long journey! The skin has a five- to six-week lifecycle; patience and consistency are key components to achieving desired results.

Improve Overall Beauty

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At Curated Beauty, we have built a reputation around quality and strategic results guided by a team of experts! We take a holistic approach to our treatment recommendations and understand the importance of addressing the root cause to achieve successful results. We continue to be invested in the products, technology, and education to manage skin of color. Schedule a consult with our Skin Specialists to get your journey to even skin tone started!

Skin Pigmentation TreatmentFrequently Asked Questions

Many of the treatments used for hyperpigmentation can also sensitize your skin to sun exposure. As such, we prefer corrective treatments be performed in cooler seasons with maintenance protocols during summer months where pigmentation can be exacerbated.

This depends in part on the amount of pigmentation and underlying cause, as well as skin type. In general, the skin has a five to six-week life cycle, and as such, treatments (particularly in skin of color) must be performed in a strategic, graduated fashion for best results without risking rebound pigmentation.

Protecting your investment from UV exposure is a key component to success. This includes wearing physical blocking sunscreens such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide on all areas exposed to the sun on a daily basis. Additionally, we strongly recommend that patients utilize physical barriers such as hats & clothing and generally avoid excess UV exposure.

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