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Dr. Christie Prendergast is not only a plastic surgeon, she is a woman looking to redefine misconceptions in plastic surgery. She is a woman who understands the effects of aging, and a doctor who wants to teach women how to embrace the aging process with grace—and the help of minimally invasive procedures. She is a female surgeon with women in mind.

As an osteopathic doctor, and double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, her approach to beauty is derived from a holistic approach to medicine. She encourages patients to (re)consider procedures and encourages the preservation of features instead of drastic alterations.

“Curated Beauty: The Beauty Matrix” is a guide developed by Dr. Christie to help educate patients when considering medical aesthetic treatments. “When you understand your beauty problems, you can then develop a strategy that will give you the best value and help you age naturally and gracefully. A good plastic surgeon will help guide you through the best procedures and help you have a strategic approach to professional and at-home treatments.”

The Beauty Matrix is comprised of three simple components:


1.  Skin quality - is skin dry, oily or combination, rough or smooth, pigmented, porous? are their stretch marks?

2.  Laxity - how much extra skin is there after a pinch test? what are the primary areas of laxity?

3.  Volume - what was the facial, breast and body volume when the patient was younger?

The Beauty Matrix helps patients tackle concerns around unnatural looking results and develop a beauty strategy. Dr. Christie understands how the body ages, and believes that each decade requires a different approach. With growing aesthetic technology there are a variety of treatment options including microneedling, FaceTite, chemical peels, lasers, dermal infusions, minimally-invasive RF, ultherapy and J-Plasma Renuvion and many more! As ever-growing aesthetic technology enters the market, Dr. Christie has developed the expertise to address long-term safety concerns & address unnatural looking results. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Christie is also able to guide those patients who are not good candidates for minimally-invasive technology to the necessary surgical procedures or combine surgical procedures as needed. With the use of “Curated Beauty: The Beauty Matrix” she wants to make beauty procedures less overwhelming for consumers, eliminate the frustration, and ensure long-term preservation of features.

"I love to curate beauty plans to address all areas of aging. Preventative, minimally-invasive beauty plans should be balanced and harmonious to enhance natural features."

- Dr. Christie


“I cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. P.!!! She is not only an amazing plastic surgeon; she is caring, compassionate and always made me smile. I feel so taken care of by her and have from my very first time meeting her. She always make herself available to her patients. No question ever went unanswered. Breast cancer has been one of the hardest experiences of my life- having the gift of Dr. P.’s support and talent made it all so much easier. Do yourself a favor - choose her. I adore her and you will too!”



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